King Alfred Close (land south of King Alfred Way)

Outline planning permission for a development on the land south of King Alfred Way, Newton Poppleford, was granted early in 2014.  The proposed designs have been prepared and were presented at the Parish Council meeting on Monday 24th November 2014.  Details of these proposals will be shown/uploaded here as soon as they are made available.

Copies of the display boards about the proposed development may be viewed/downloaded here. 

If you wish to submit any further questions or comments to the Clinton Devon Estates Agent, the Developer or the Architect, please send these to the Chairman of the Parish Council:  Hazel Jeffery via her email:  by Sunday 7th December. Hazel will collate the information and forward it on to the agents. Please keep comments as brief and clear as possible.

Some points that were raised at the consultation on 24/11/14 by members of the public are relevant:

*   Are there any plans to develop the land to the east of the application site?  
The land to the east is in private ownership and not under consideration for development.  There is only limited access via a standard field gate.  It is worth noting that nothing is for ever, and if the land changes ownership then a future owner might wish to apply for a permission of some sort.
The land to the west of the site is also in private ownership, and as far as is known the present owner has no plans for development.

*   Will Clinton Devon Estates guarantee to upgrade the footpath all the way to School Lane? 
CDE may not actually do any work on land that is not in their ownership.  The £25,000 being provided by CDE will be given to Devon County Council for this purpose; it is up to DCC undertake the upgrade work.

*  The dwellings once built might be over-prominent in the landscape.
The plans indicate that all of the dwellings proposed will have lower ridge heights that the large house to the west of the site, so will be less prominent on the skyline.


Comments re Proposals

The Chairman of the parish council sent a summary of the comments/questions submitted by members of the public following the consultation session held on 24th November 2014.  CDE/Bell Cornwell/Cavanna Homes have responded.  These may be viewed here:
                   COMMENTS                                         RESPONSES 

May 2015

The Parish Council's draft comments to EDDC re detailed proposals for this development may be downloaded here.

26 June 2015
The Parish Council's comments on the detailed proposals may be downloaded here.