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March 2019 Report:

The crime figures for February 2019 are:

1 x Assault (domestic related)

2 x thefts.

This compares to 6 crimes for the same period last year.

Not much else to report other than a dodgy white van 
that has been doing the rounds all over the south west 
and which was spotted in Newton Pop and then stopped 
by the Police later in the day.

My early morning traffic speed operation seems to have 
temporarily stopped the motorcyclist who was using the 
A3052 as a race track.

We will be carrying out a multi-agency traffic operation 
in the village next month on a secret date!

I attended the Highways agency planning meeting about 
Four Elms Hill to lend some support to our councillors, 
who will doubtless update you at the meeting.

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June 2018 Report:

We now have a police “Have your say” meeting in the Café at Waitrose Stowford Rise Sidmouth on Wednesday 11th July, August 15th and September 12th.

We held the first one on 13th June which was quite well attended by some Newton Pop residents.

If a suitable venue/event was to be identified in either Harpford or Newton pop we would be more than happy to create a special “Have your say for the parishioners.

I have loads of FREE “no valuables left in this vehicle” stickers if anyone wants one.

Recorded crime for May 2018:

Assault ABH (domestic).

Section 4 public order.

Theft of Quad bike and trailer.

Compared to 4 crimes Last year for the same period.

So far this month 1 common assault recorded.

Hope this helps.

Kind regards.


Steve Lee

NBM Sidmouth Neighbourhood team.

01395 517157

int 308857