The Youth is currently not operating, due to lack of volunteers.  Youth Clubs have been set up and run on a number of occasions over the years, but sadly they have never run for long periods because of the shortage of people to take charge. 

It is very likely that support and funding can be found from various sources, so if you feel you could commit some time to running a youth club on a regular basis please contact the Clerk or any councillor to discuss the matter.

MAY 2015

I have been approached by several people who have expressed an interest in re-starting a youth club in the village. However for this to happen we would need to put together a number of willing volunteers to form a committee and take this idea forwards. So, if you’re interested in helping, please give me a call on 568766 or email me at by Sunday 9th August. If we get sufficient interest then the next step would be to get potential volunteers together for a meeting to discuss the way forward.

Chris Burhop  -  Parish Councillor