Car Park and Public Toilets

 The Car Park off School Lane is a well-used facility in the village, 
 and one of the very few FREE car parks in East Devon. The land 
 was originally donated to the Parish, but it was handed over to 
 EDDC many years ago so at present it is maintained by them. 

 Note that permanent parking is not permitted, so vehicles may 
 not remain parked there for more an 23 hours in any one day. 

 Located just across the road from the primary school, it is well 
 used by parents delivering and collecting their children so be 
 aware of the potential risk of youngsters running around in the 

 Public Conveniences 

 WCs for public use are located on the northern side of the car 
 park. The Parish Council has placed a local contract for these 
 to be cleaned regularly, but if there are any problems please 
 contact the Clerk to report the matter.

 Update: January 2019

 Council is entering into an agreement with EDDC to take 
 on a long term lease for the public toilet building. Council 
 has budgeted for a long overdue refurbishment of the 
 facilities in 2019 (subject to agreement with EDDC) and 
 would welcome public comment and feedback as to the 
 plans, which will be discussed by Council on 28/1/19.

 Plans are shown HERE (existing) and HERE (draft proposals)