Churches in the Parish

There are 3 churches serving our villages, and all are part of the Otter Vale Mission Community:
St Luke's at Newton Poppleford, and 2 churches of St Gregory the Great, one each at Harpford and Venn Ottery.

Times of services and other church activities are published in the Parish Magazine (Newton Poppleford and Harpford), Tipton Times (Venn Ottery) and on the church notice-boards. Alternatively, please contact the vicar. Enquiries about marriage and baptism should also be made to the vicar: The Rev'd Mark Ward 01395 568390 or click here to email. Find us on Facebook at


In the centre of Newton Poppleford is the church
of St Luke's, conveniently adjacent to our FREE car park! There is worship at St Luke's Church every Sunday at 9.30am and once a month at 8am. Additionally there are a number of church groups meeting in the parish.

St. Luke's Church has its own website HERE 

 St Luke's Church
 Harpford Church HARPFORD

The ancient parish of Harpford has the pretty church of St Gregory the Great, and was granted by Bishop Henry Marshall to the Abbey of S Michel in Normandy in 1205. The tower dates to the 15th century and has undergone various 'conservation and restoration' works over the centuries, not all of which were beneficial. Harpford church has a service every Sunday using the Book of Common Prayer. Times alternate week by week between 6.30pm on 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of the month and 11am on the 2nd and 4th. This pattern may change close to Christmas and Easter.


In Venn Ottery we have yet another church of St Gregory the Great. This is one of the older churches in Devon, with the Saxon church tower dating back to about 1095. The tower is built of local red stone, and the original nave had a thatched roof, although today it is slated following a disastrous fire in the 18th century.

Venn Ottery Church
The top of the tower was found to be deteriorating badly, but extensive renovation of the stonework in 2005 has ensured its stability for the time being. The timber floor was also in very poor condition and in 2004 had to be renewed, entailing the temporary removal of the ancient carved benches for which the church had previously been noted.

There are two Sunday services each month at Venn Ottery. The church works closely with the adjacent parish of Tipton St John.