Co-options to the Parish Council

 Council next meets on 20th May and will be considering
 the co-option of members to Council. Poster HERE 

 Update: (24/7/19)

 Council has co-opted the following Councillors to the
 wards shown;

  Cllr. Carla Bilenkyj - Newton Poppleford
  Cllr. Brian Carpenter - Harpford
  Cllr. Mark Chapman - Newton Poppleford
  Cllr. Michael Jeffries - Newton Poppleford
  Cllr. Audrey Lee - Newton Poppleford

  This leaves 1 vacancy outstanding, that of the
  member for Venn Ottery Ward. If you wish to
  know more, please contact the Clerk.


 Elections 2019 - May 2nd

  There will be no Parish Council election as the seats are
  now determined to be Uncontested. No ballot papers will
  be available on the 2nd May, and no postal votes will be

  There is, however, to be an election for the District Council
  seat and the Statement of Persons Nominated can be found
  by clicking this link - NOTICE

  Declaration of Result.
  Cllr. Val Ranger was re-elected as Ward member for the parish.

European Elections 2019 - May 23rd

Statement of Notice of Election HERE

Statement of Candidates Nominated for Election HERE