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New dog bins for parish at Littledown Orchard and Brook Farm, and
a new general waste bin at Venn Ottery. All paid for by the Parish 
Council as parish amenities. (Apr. 18)


  Council was delighted to be awarded a grant of £500 from Western Power
  for the purposes of planting native tree species in the parish. Council purchased
  3 trees - an established Oak, and 2 non-fruiting Cherry trees. We hope all
  parishioners get to enjoy the beauty of these trees as they grow and as the
  residents grow old with them. 



  Parish Council is delighted to install a new piece of play equipment into
  the Back Lane play area this week. The Play Gazebo is designed to provide
  shade, shelter, relaxation and recreation for all parish residents, young and old.
  Pictured here:

  Marcus Veness and son, Jacob (2 1/2)

  A lively group of local play enthusiasts including;

  Ruby (11) Maya (5) Matthew (11) Logan (6) Jack (10) Declan (8) Brayden (10) and
  Marley-Ty (9). Relaxing and "doing the dab" to celebrate the grand opening.