August 2017: A Parish Handyperson has been contracted by the Parish Council,
initially for 4 hours per week, but this is subject to change if the trial is a success.
The Clerk is drawing up a list of tasks and jobs that have been noticed / reported
and would like to hear from parishioners in order to keep the list active.

The Parish Council publishes news articles on Parish Council activities in the Parish Magazine
produced by St Luke's Church. Official agendas and minutes are published on the Parish
Council noticeboards.

The Parish Council is currently reviewing how we send out information, and we are always open to ideas.

Other notice boards, owned and maintained by the Parish Council, but mainly for public use are:


  In Burrow Lane on the right just before Woodleys Joinery


  King Alfred Way on the left


  Mill Moor on the right near the shop on the wall, before the bungalows


  Meadow Drive nearly opposite the Cannon Inn


  At the Village Hall


  Webbers Meadow   


Past Newsletters

Some other local organisations produce Newsletters from time to time, these can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

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