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  The East Devon Local Plan was formally adopted by EDDC on 28th January 2016.

  It can be viewed here. 

  The new Greater Exeter Strategic Plan Consultation started 27th February and
  ends 10th April.

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  There is also a Government White Paper report " Fixing our broken housing market" for
  parishioners to read.

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 Current Applications awaiting decision:


  18/2608/OUT - Land South of King Alfred Way, NP.
  Constr. of upto 2 dwellings (with all matters other than access reserved)
  Council recommended REFUSAL of this application; full text
  of Council's objection to EDDC can be found HERE

  18/2561/FUL - Brookdene, High Street, NP. EX10 0DR
  Constr. of replacement garage with annexe above.

  18/2239/LBC - Brook Farm, Venn Ottery Road, NP, EX10 0BU

  Constr. of dormer window on rear elevation (listed building consent)  

  18/2016/FUL - Garden of Highlands, Capper Close, NP, EX10 0HD
  Constr. 2 dwellings and formation of new driveway, access and parking.
  Revised October 2018: Construction of a single dwelling.

  18/2011/LBC - Venn Ottery Barton, Venn Ottery, EX11 1RZ
  Replace 10 no. windows on front (N) elevation & 2 windows on side (E)

  18/1968/FUL - Otter Bunglaow, Back Lane, NP, EX10 0EY
  Demolition of existing bungalow & construction 2 storey house  

  18/1806/FUL - Rushmer Lodge, NP, EX10 0EF
  Demolition of detached garage, erection of 2 new dwellings. 

  18/1077/FUL - LASS, St. Lukes Church, NP. EX10 0EG
  Constr. of new meeting place. 

  17/2494/VAR - HOWE, Holmleigh, Back Lane, NP, EX10 0EY
  Variation of Condition 9 (approved plans) 11/2679/FUL
  Single garage to be substituted by double garage   

  Recent Determinations:


  18/2048/FUL - Sunnyhill, Littledown Lane, NP, EX10 0BG
  Raising of roof ridge, constr. hip to gable extn. & front dormer window & cladding
  Approval with conditions

  18/1968/FUL - Ashcroft, Burrow Lane, NP, EX10 0BT

   Constr. single storey front, rear and side extns, raised deck & garage etxn.
  Approval - Standard Time Limit

  18/1866/CPL - Down Close Cottage, Exmouth Rd. NP, EX10 0BE
   Certificate of lawfulness for creation of new ground floor window in rear elevation
  CPL Approval Part 1

  18/1849/FUL - 19 King Alfred Way, NP, EX10 0DG
   Revised scheme to 18/0865/FUL - constr. 2 storey front / 1 storey side extn.

  18/1137/LBC - Conen Cottage, 2 Station Rd, NP, EX10 0ET
   Various works to rear (south) elevation incl. re-roofing & bi-fold doors.
  Approval with conditions

8/1194/FUL - 34 Turner Close, NP, EX10 0EN
  Wheelchair lift from front door to street level
  Approval - Standard Time Limit

  18/0199/FUL - Former Coal Yard, Back Lane, NP
   Demolition of redundant Coal Yard and construct 2 no.
   4 bed. dwellings & 1 no. B1 office unit.
   Approval - with conditions

  18/0695/FUL - HEDGER, Pump Cottage, Harpford, EX10 0NJ
   Constr. of single storey rear extension.
   Approval - Standard Time Limit

  18/1015/FUL - GIBBS/SALTER, Little Shule, High Street. NP. EX10 0BD
   Constr. of detached garage and annexe.
   Approval with conditions

  18/1077/FUL - GODWIN, Rockford, Littledown Lane. NP. EX10 0BG
   Constr. of 2 storey rear extension.
  Approval - Standard Time Limit

  18/0865/FUL - MARKS, 19 King Alfred Way, NP, EX10 0DG
   Constr. two storey front extension and s/s rear extension.
   (resubmission of 17/1014/FUL)
  Approval - Standard Time Limit

  18/0094/FUL - EARNSHAW, High View, High Street, NP, EX10 0DZ
   Constr. self contained log cabin as temporary residence. Retain afterwards
   as ancillary accommodation for family use.

  18/0575/FUL - CROCKER, 6 Parsons Close, NP, EX10 0DQ
   Constr. conservatory to front elevation.
  Approval - Standard Time Limit

  18/0683/AGR - DOWN, Collyhead Farm, Venn Ottery, EX11 1RY
   Constr. Agricultural Storage Building
   ( under permitted development rights )

   Approval with conditions
   ( Agricultural Notification via Delegated Officer )

  18/0212/FUL - CRITCHER, 16 Capper Close, NP, EX10 0HD
  Constr. front, rear and side extensions and install. external cladding
  Approval - standard time limit applies.

  17/3013/FUL - HORSBURGH, Littlecot House, Harpford, EX10 0NH
  Rebuild and extension of former barn to create holiday let.
  Approval with conditions 

  17/2856/FUL - MEYER, Brook Farm, Venn Ottery Road, EX10 0BU
 Revised proposals for single storey structure. Adaptation of windows.
  See also 17/2857/LBC ( Listed Building Consent )
  Approval with conditions

 18/0093/FUL - BURHOP, Half Acre, High Street, NP, EX10 0ED
  Construction external staircase to detached garage.
  Approval with conditions

  18/0045/FUL - KENDELL, 7 Littledown, NP, EX10 0BQ
  Proposed demolition and re-build of dwelling damaged in fire.
  Approval with conditions

  17/2919/FUL - MEYER, Brook Farm, Venn Ottery Road, EX10 0BU
  Removal wall and fencing adj. to highway. Replacement rendered wall.
  See also 17/2858/LBC ( Listed Building Consent )
  Approval with conditions
  17/2245/TRE - DAVIES, Bridge End Cottage, Northmostown, EX10 0NL
  T1 and T2, Willows; re-pollarding.
  Approval with conditions

  17/2041/FUL - HENDERSON, 8 Capper Close. NP, EX10 0HD
  Retention of rear conservatory.
  Approval with conditions

  17/1492/FUL - WILLIAMS, Barns at Little Northmostown, EX10 0NL
  Conversion of barns into single dwelling
  Approval with conditions

  17/1991/FUL - HEADON, 4 Sunnyside, Back Lane. NP, EX10 0HA
  Extension to existing house & replacement detached garage.
  Approval - standard time limit

  17/1903/FUL - WHITCOMBE, Derrydown, Higher Way. Harpford, EX10 0NJ
  Rear single storey extension & new single garage
  Approval - standard time limit  

  17/1664/FUL - VARLEY, Farthings, NP, EX10 0EW
   Erection of polytunnel
   Approval with conditions

  17/1551/FUL - BRANDON CARE Ltd - Land to east of Hillside EX10 0DE
   Demolition of spa building. Construction of cafe building

  17/1778/FUL - FREEMAN, Benchams, NP, EX10 0DA
  Replacement of dwelling destroyed by fire.
  Approval with conditions

  17/1728/FUL - MEYER, Brook Farm, VO Road, NP, EX10 0BU ( and 17/1730/LBC )
Demolition of extension and creation new single storey extension, new porch and
  External works associated. 
  Approval with conditions 

17/1919/CPL - COOPER, 23 Lark Rise, NP, EX10 0DH
  Single storey rear extension
  Approved under CPL Part 1.

7/1624/FUL - LASS, Sunnyhill, NP, EX10 0BG
  Creation of TWO dormer windows and replacement of
  single garage with double garage
  Approved with conditions

17/1127/LBC - WOODLAND, Penny Thatch, Northmostown, EX10 0NL
Installation of secondary glazing in listed building
  Approved subject to standard time limits

  17/1130/COU - LOYND, Land at Littledown Lane, NP EX10 0BG
  Change of Use from agric. to personal. Constr. stable block, shed and hide
  Approved with conditions 

 17/0589/FUL - HORSBURGH, Littlecot House, Harpford, EX10 0NH
  Conversion / extension of barn for holiday let.
  Approved with conditions

 17/0898/LBC - RIDINGS, The Cottage, High Street, NP EX10 0BD
  Retention of replacement window on ground floor
  Approval (retrospective)

 17/0955/FUL - EARNSHAW, High View, High Street, NP, EX10 0DZ
 Single Storey extension to NW, SE and SW elevations
 Approved with conditions

17/1014/FUL - MARKS, 19 King Alfred Way, NP, EX10 0DG
Two storey extension
Approved (standard time limit) 

17/0917/FUL - SMEDLEY, Four Elms Fruit Farm, Higher Way, Harpford EX10 0NJ
Construction of Agricultural Building
Approved (standard time limit)

17/0159/FUL - COLES, East Hill Pride Farm Shop, Harpford, EX10 0FE
 Retention of mobile home / log cabin as holiday letting
 Approved with conditions
 Correspondence between Council and EDDC DMC Chair here

 17/0123/VAR - MANNING, April Cottage, Harpford, EX10 0NJ
 Variation of conditions 2 and 5. Addn. s/s extension, glazed veranda & swimming pool
 Approved with conditions 

 17/0322/FUL - ZDZISLAW, Mallards, 62 Burrow Lane, NP, EX10 0BT
 Erection of attached garage, new summerhouse & raised decking
 Approval with conditions 

 17/0546/FUL - JEFFERIES, Otter Dell, Harpford EX10 0NH
 Proposed extensions and new garage
 Approval with conditions

 17/0320/VAR - COX, Old Southerton House, EX11 1SE.
 Variation of Conditions 2 and 5 on permission 07/2922/COU.
 Approval with conditions

 17/0322/FUL - STODDART, The Burn, NP, EX10 0BT
  Replacement garage - Approved (standard time limit)


  Applications subject to appeal: