Meetings, Agendas & Minutes

Full Council meets on the last Monday of each month (except August), in the evenings at either Newton Poppleford Village Hall, the Pavilion or in Harpford Hall * Anyone can attend, and may speak in the 'Public Forum Session' at the start of the meeting and, during the meeting, members of the public may also be invited to speak by the presiding Chair on agenda items that have general interest, so that their views may be considered before a vote
is taken.

On the 27th November 2023, Council resolved to publish the calendar for the 2024 meetings
available HERE 

Please note that some meetings are held at the Pavilion and/or Harpford Hall.
Please check the meeting agenda for venue.

Agendas are published and posted on the official notice boards and this website at least 3 days before the meeting. The official notice boards are:
(1) NP Church Green / Post Office,
(2) Harpford Hall,
(3) Venn Ottery village. 
Other communal noticeboards may carry public information also.
Please contact the Clerk for further details.

Please note that some agendas or minutes may not be shown here, copies of approved minutes can be obtained from the Parish Clerk if required.

Key: YTBA ( Yet to be approved ) NYP ( Not yet Published )

 PPC The Pavilion 1st July 2024  
 Annual Parish Meeting The Pavilion 29th April 2024  
 Full Council The Pavilion 29th April 2024  
 Finance Committee The Pavilion 22nd April 2024  
 Full Council  The Pavilion 25th March 202425.03.24 YTBA 
 Finance Committee The Pavilion  19th March 202419.03.24 YTBA 
 PPC The Pavilion 18th March 202418.03.24 YTBA 
 Full Council The Pavilion 26th Feb 202426.02.24  
 Finance Committee The Pavilion 19th Feb 202419.02.24  
 Full Council The Pavilion 29th Jan 202429.01.24  
 Finance Committee The Pavilion 15th Jan 202415.01.24  
 Full Council The Pavilion 18th Dec 202318.12.23 
 Finance Committee The Pavilion 18th Dec 202318.12.23  
 Finance Committee The Pavilion 11th Dec 202311.12.23  
 Full Council The Pavilion 27th Nov 202327.11.23  
 Finance Committee The Pavilion 20th Nov 202320.11.23  
 PPC The Pavilion 6th Nov 202306.11.23  
 Full Council The Pavilion 30th October 202330.10.23  
 Finance Committee The Pavilion 16th October 202316.10.23 
 Full Council The Pavilion 25th Sept 202325.09.23 
 Finance Committee The Pavilion  18th Sept 202318.09.23  
 Full Council The Pavilion 24th July 202324.07.2023 
 Finance Committee The Pavilion 20th July 202320.07.2023 
 Full Council The Pavilion 27th June 202327.06.2023  
 Finance Committee The Pavilion20th June 202320.06.2023 
Annual Meeting of Council
 The Pavilion 22nd May 202322.05.2023 
 Finance Committee The Pavilion 16th May 202316.05.2023  
 Annual Parish     Meeting The Pavilion 24th April 202324.04.2023 
 Full Council The Pavilion 24th April 202324.04.2023 
 Extraordinary   Meeting The Pavilion 18th April 202318.04.2023 
 Finance Meeting The Pavilion 18th April 202318.04.2023  
 Full Council The Pavilion 27th March 202327.03.2023 
 Finance Meeting The Pavilion 20th March 202320.03.2023 
 Full Council The Pavilion 27th Feb 202327.02.2023  
 Finance Meeting The Pavilion 20th Feb 202320.02.2023  
 Policy & Personnel Harpford Hall 15th Feb 202315.02.2023 
 Full Council The Pavilion 30th Jan 202330.01.2023  
 Finance Meeting The Pavilion 17th Jan 202317.01.2023  
Extraordinary Meeting The Pavilion 5th Jan 202305.01.2023  
 Full Council The Pavilion 19th Dec 202219.12.22  
 Policy & Personnel The Pavilion 13th Dec 202213.12.22  
 Finance Meeting The Pavilion 12th Dec 202212.12.22
 Full Council The Pavilion 28th Nov 202228.11.22  
 Finance Meeting The Pavilion 21st Nov 202221.11.22  
 Full Council  The Pavilion 24th October 202224.10.22  
 Finance Meeting The Pavilion 17th October 202217.10.22  
Extraordinary Meeting The Pavilion 20th Sept 202220.09.22  
 Finance Meeting The Pavilion 20th Sept 202220.09.22  
Policy & Personnel Committee The Pavilion 22nd Sept 202222.09.22  
 Full Council The Pavilion 22nd August 202222.08.22  
 Full Council The Pavilion 25th July 202225.07.22  
 Finance Meeting The Pavilion 18th July 202218.07.22
Policy & Personnel Committee The Pavilion 12th July 202212.07.22 
 Full Council The Pavilion 27th June 202227.06.22 
 Finance Meeting The Pavilion 20th June 202220.06.22 
Extraordinary Meeting The Pavilion 7th June 202207.06.22  
 Annual Meeting The Pavilion 23rd May 202223.05.22
 Finance Meeting The Pavilion 16th May 202216.05.22 
 Annual Parish   Meeting The Pavilion 25th April 202225.04.22 
 Full Council The Pavilion 25th April 202225.04.22  

 Finance Meeting

 The Pavilion 11th April 202211.04.22  
 Full Council The Pavilion 28th March 202228.03.22 
 Policy & Personnel   Committee The Pavilion 15th March 202215.03.22  
 Finance The Pavilion 14th March 202214.03.22 
 Full Council The Pavilion 28th February 202228.02.22 
 Finance The Pavilion 17th February 202217.02.22  
 Full Council The Pavilion 31st January 202231.01.22  
 Finance The Pavilion 13th January 202213.01.22 
 Full CouncilThe Pavilion 20th Dec 202120.12.21 
 Full CouncilThe Pavilion 29th Nov. 202129/11/21
 FinanceThe Pavilion18th Nov. 202118/11/21 
 Full Council   The Pavilion 25th October 2021 25/10/21 
 FinanceHarpford Hall20th October 202120/10/21  
 Full CouncilThe Pavilion27th Septem. 2021 27/09/21 
 Finance   The Pavilion 23rd Septem. 2021 23/09/21 
 Finance    Harpford Hall    26th August 202126/08/21 
 Full Council   The Pavilion26th July 2021 
Supp. agenda
 Policy and   Personnel Comm.The Pavilion   22nd July 202122/07/21 
 FinanceHarpford Hall15th July 2021  15/07/21
 Full CouncilThe Pavilion 28th June 2021 28/06/21
 Policy and   Personnel Comm.The Pavilion23rd June 2021 Adjourned ADJ
 FinanceHarpford Hall 10th June 2021 10/06/21
 Annual MeetingThe Pavilion24th May 202124/05/21
 Full Council   "Virtual" meeting
26th April 2021 26/04/21 
 Extraordinary   "Virtual" meeting
Meeting Postponed s.243n/a  
 Full Council"Virtual" meeting29th March 2021 29/03/21 
 Extraordinary"Virtual" meeting11th March 2021 11/03/21 
 Finance"Virtual" meeting18th March 202118/03/21 
 Full Council"Virtual" meeting22nd February 202122/02/21
 Finance"Virtual" meeting18th February 202118/02/21 
 Full Council   "Virtual" meeting 25th January 2021
 25th Jan. 2021 Suppl.
 Finance      "Virtual" meeting 14th January 202114/01/21 
 Full Council"Virtual" meeting 21st December 202021/12/20  
 Finance"Virtual" meeting 15th December 202015/12/20 
 Full Council"Virtual" meeting 30th November 202030/11/20 
 Extraordinary"Virtual" meeting 19th November 202019/11/20 
 Full Council"Virtual" meeting
 26th October 202026/10/20 
 Finance"Virtual" meeting
 15th October 202015/10/20 
 Finance"Virtual" meeting
 17th September 202017/09/20
 Full Council   "Virtual" meeting 24th August 2020
 Supplem Agenda
 Full Council"Virtual" meeting 27th July 202027/07/20
 Extraordinary"Virtual" meeting 10th July 202010/07/20
 Finance"Virtual" meeting 21st July 2020Cancelled 
 Full Council   "Virtual" meeting 29th June 202029/06/20 
 Finance   "Virtual" meeting 23rd June 202023/06/20
 Finance"Virtual" meeting 26th May 202026/05/20
 Full Council"Virtual" meeting 18th May 202018/05/20
 Full Council      "Virtual" meeting 27th April 202027/04/20 
 Full CouncilNP Village HallCANCELLED n/a  
 FinanceHarpford HallCANCELLEDn/a 
 Full CouncilNP Village Hall24th February 2020  24/02/20
 Finance   Harpford Hall10th February 202010/02/20
 Full CouncilNP Village Hall 20th January 2020 20/01/20 
 FinanceThe Pavilion16th January 202016/01/20
 Full Council      NP Village Hall   23rd December 2019 23/12/19 
 Finance   Harpford Hall10th December 201910/12/19 
 Full CouncilNP Village Hall
25th November 2019   25/11/19  
 Policy PersonnelPavilion 21st November 2019   coming soon   YTBA
 Finance   Pavilion21st November 201921/11/19 
 Full CouncilNP Village Hall14th October 201914/10/19
 FinancePavilion17th October 201917/10/19

 PlanningVenue: TBA tba. n/a 
 Full Council   NP Village Hall 19th August 201919/08/19 
 FinanceHarpford Hall15th August 201915/08/19 
 Full CouncilNP Village Hall22nd July 201922/07/19
 Policy PersonnelHarpford Hall   18th July 201918/07/19 
 FinanceHarpford Hall 16th July 2019 16/07/19 
 Planning      Harpford Hall16th July 201916/07/19   
 Full Council      NP Village Hall   24th June 201924/06/19   
 ExtraordinaryNP Pavilion3rd June 201903/06/19
 Annual MeetingNP Village Hall20th May 201920/05/19 
 Full Council      NP Village Hall29th April 201929/04/19

 Finance   Harpford Hall16th April 2019  16/04/19 
 Planning Comm.The Pavilion12th April 201912/04/19
 Full Council      NP Village Hall25th March 2019 25/03/19
 Policy PersonnelThe Pavilion19th March 201919/03/19
 Finance   Harpford Hall12th March 201912/03/19   
 Full CouncilHarpford Hall25th February 201925/02/19

 Policy PersonnelThe Pavilion19th February 2019 19/02/19   
 Planning Comm.The Pavilion19th February 201919/02/19  
 FinanceHarpford Hall12th February 201912/02/19
 Full CouncilNP Village Hall  28th January 201928/01/19
 FinanceHarpford Hall 15th January 201915/01/19
 Planning Comm.The Pavilion 11th January 201911/01/19 
 Full CouncilNP Village Hall 17th December 201817/12/18
 Planning Comm.Harpford Hall 4th December 2018 4/12/18  
 FinanceHarpford Hall 4th December 20184/12/18
 Full CouncilNP Village Hall 26th November 201826/11/18
 FinanceHarpford Hall 13th November 201813/11/18 
 Full CouncilNP Village Hall 29th October 201829/10/18  
 FinanceHarpford Hall 16th October 201816/10/18 
 Planning Comm.NP Village Hall  24th September 201824/09/18  
 Full Council   NP Village Hall 24th September 201824/09/18  
 Finance   Harpford Hall 11th September 201811/09/18  
 Planning Comm.The Pavilion 23rd August 201823/08/18
 Finance      Harpford Hall 14th August 201814/08/18
 Full Council      NP Village Hall 30th July 201830/07/18

 Full CouncilNP Village Hall 25th June 201825/06/18

 Policy PersonnelHarpford Hall 5th June 2018Meeting adjourned n/a
 FinanceHarpford Hall 5th June 201805/06/18 
 Annual MeetingNP Village Hall  21st May 2018 21/05/18   
 Finance    Harpford Hall 8th May 201808/05/18
 Parish MeetingNP Village Hall 30th April 2018coming soon
 Full Council   NP Village Hall 30th April 201830/04/18
 Full CouncilNP Village Hall 26th March 2018 26/03/18  
 FinanceHarpford Hall 20th March 201820/03/18
 Full CouncilNP Village Hall 26th February 201826/02/18
 FinanceHarpford Hall 20th February 201820/02/18 
 Policy PersonnelHarpford Hall 6th February 2018   6/02/18  
 Full CouncilNP Village Hall 29th January 201829/01/18 
 FinanceHarpford Hall 16th January 2018  16/01/18
 Full Council   NP Village Hall 18th December 201718/12/17  
 Finance   Harpford Hall 12th December 201712/12/17 
 Full Council   NP Village Hall 27th November 201727/11/17
 FinanceNP Village Hall 14th November 201714/11/17 
 Full Council   NP Village Hall 30th October 201730/10/17 
 Finance   Harpford Hall 10th October 201710/10/17 
 Full Council   NP Village Hall 25th September 2017 25/9/17 
 FinanceHarpford Hall    12th September 2017 12/9/17 
 Policy & PersonnelHarpford Hall 7th September 20177/9/17 
 PlanningHarpford Hall     7th September 20177/9/17
 Planning Harpford Hall 8th August 2017  8/8/17   
 Policy & PersonnelHarpford Hall 2nd August 20172/8/17  
 FinanceHarpford Hall 1st August 20171/8/17  
 Full CouncilNP Village Hall 24th July 201724/7/17
 Policy & PersonnelHarpford VH 28th June 201728/6/17
 Full CouncilNP Village Hall 26th June 201726/6/17
 Finance  NP Village Hall 23rd June 201723/6/17
 Annual MeetingNP Village Hall  22nd May 2017 (2)   22/5/17
 Parish MeetingNP Village Hall 22nd May 2017 (1)22/5/17
 FinanceHarpford Hall 15th May 201715/05/17  
 Full CouncilPavilion Centre 24th April 201724/04/17 
 Full CouncilNP Village Hall 27th March 2017 


 FinanceVH Back rm. 9th March 2017  09/03/17  
 Full CouncilNP Village Hall 27th February 2017 27/02/17 
 Planning Pavilion Centre 20th February 2017 20/02/17 
 Full CouncilNP Village Hall 30 Jan 201730/01/17 
 FinanceHarpford Hall 17 Jan 201717/01/17  
 Full CouncilHarpford Hall 20 Dec 201620/12/16  
 FinanceN P Village Hall 06 Dec 201606/12/16  
 Full CouncilN P Village Hall  28 Nov 201628/11/16  
 Finance Surgery  14 Nov 2016 14/11/16   
 Full Council N P Village Hall   31 Oct 2016 31/10/16   
 Finance Harpford Hall  5 Oct 2016 5/10/16   
 Full Council N P Village Hall   26 Sept 2016 26/09/16   
 Planning Pavilion 7.30pm  8 Sept 2016  Rev.7/9/16 8/9/16   
 Full Council N P Village Hall  25 July 2016 25/07/16   
 Full Council (continuation of 27/6/16) Harpford Hall

Draft terms of ref etc. 

 Full Council N P Village Hall  27 June 2016
 Planning Harpford Hall No agenda 26/05/16   
Annual Parish Meeting 7.30pm &
Annual Parish Council Meeting 8.00pm
 N P Village Hall

APM 23 May 2016

APCM 23 May 2016 

 APM 23/5/16

APCM 23/5/16 

Finance    10 May 2016 10/05/16   
Full Council N P Village Hall  25 April 2016  25/04/16   
Planning The Pavilion 14 April 2016 14/04/16   
Full Council The Pavilion 31 March 2016 31/03/16   
Planning Harpford Hall 15 March 2016
Full Council N P Village Hall  29 February 2016 29/02/16   
Planning Meeting The Pavilion 
starts 7.00pm
18 February 2016

Full Council N P Village Hall  25 Jan 2016 25/01/16   
Finance NP Village Hall, back room 19 Jan 2016   19/01/16  
Council Meeting Pavilion 

17 Dec 2015
(no meeting on last Monday of Dec)

Full Council N P Village Hall  30 Nov 2015  30/11/15   
Finance N P Village Hall, back room 7.30pm 27 Oct 2015  27/10/15   
Full Council
+ planning item
N P Village Hall  26 Oct 2015 
26/10/15 X
Pavilion 8.15pm 22 Oct 2015 
Full Council N P Village Hall  28 Sept 2015 28/09/15  
Planning N P Village Hall  17 Aug 2015  17/08/15   
Full Council N P Village Hall  27 July 2015  27/07/15  
Finance NP Village Hall, back room  7 July 2015 07/07/15   
Policy & Personnel Pavilion 17 July 2015  17/07/15   
Full Council
(starts 7.30pm)
N P Village Hall  29 June 2015  29/06/15   
Planning Meeting NP Village Hall, back room 16 June 2015  16/06/15  
Special Planning Meeting  Pavilion 1 June 2015  01/06/15  
Annual Parish Meeting  Pavilion 21 May 2015  21/05/15   
Annual Parish Council Meeting (follows APM)  Pavilion 21 May 2015 21/05/15  
 Full Council N P Village Hall 20 April 2015 20/04/15   
 Full Council N P Village Hall  30 March 2015  30/03/15  
 Full Council N P Village Hall  23 February 2015 23/02/15  
 Full Council N P Village Hall  26 January 2015 26/01/15  
 Planning Pavilion  8 January 2015