Council Assets

The Council owns or manages a number of assets in the parish for the benefit of residents and
 visitors. These assets are shown below:

 The Council's Asset Register as submitted to the External Auditor can be viewed on
 Finance Sub-Page within this website (see opposite).

Description Location Date AcquiredOther Information 
 Allotments Near junction of Venn Ottery Road and Hunger Hill.  Land donated by Clinton Devon Estates.
 Bus shelters All on main road:
Concrete shelters at Burrow, and next to bridge over River Otter.

Metal/glass shelters are near Back Lane; Church Green; outside Langsford Farm.


Concrete shelters date from decades in the past.

Metal/glass shelters installed approx 2000.
Metal/glass shelters were purchased with help from EDDC and DCC.
Former GP   Surgery  building South-west corner of car park (off School Lane).  During 1980s.

Donated by a former Cllr.  A Restrictive Covenant controls its use.


 Webbers  Meadow  Between Back Lane and River Otter. Land purchased at auction in approx 2009.

Purchased with loan from PWLB. Amenity area for leisure and dog-walking etc


 Playing Field Back Lane




 Play equipment


MUGA  - Multi-Use Games Area
 Back Lane 2022Purchased from S106 and CIL funds
 Older  Cemetery Near St Luke's Church, adjacent to car park off School Lane Probably 1940.  Extended in the 1960s (land donated by local resident). 

Started around 1940.  Now full (2014) apart from any pre-purchased plots


 New  Cemetery

Venn Ottery Road, adjacent to allotments.

Approx. 1998.  
 BenchesAround Parish



 Variety of styles,
 and materials 
 Notice  BoardsVarious locations around the parish. 

 Roll BoardIn Village Hall, records the Chairs and Clerks of the council. 

Approx 1995 
 One unit, 3 posts 2015-2019 Designed to be
 moved between
 sites as required

 Note that some of these assets are legally required to have a book value of £1, even though the
 insurance value or the amount that might be realised on sale could be considerably higher. 

 There are other village assets that are not owned by the Parish Council, but are sometimes
 perceived as council assets; these include:

*   The Playing Field and Pavilion (Back Lane).  The Newton Poppleford Playing Field
Foundation is a separate charitable trust of which the Parish Council is Sole Trustee.
There is a well-used children's play area on part of the playing field and a new
Multi-Use Games Area both of which are maintained by the Council. 
A total dog ban operates across the whole Playing Field site.

*   The Village Hall in Station Road is a separate charity, but receives some financial support
 from the Council.

*   Harpford Hall in Harpford is operated by a separate charity, but receives some financial
 support from the Council.  Click on Local Amenities tab for further information.