Policies and Procedures

The Policy and Personnel Committee, the Finance Committee and the Planning Committee
are responsible for drafting policies and procedures relevant to their remit. All policies are
formally adopted by the relevant committee and then ratified by formal resolution at full
Council meetings. Once ratified, Council policies and regulations will be published on this page.

Standing Orders - Re-Adopted May 2021 (Annual Meeting)

Financial Regulations - Re-Adopted May 2021 (Annual Meeting)

Financial Regulations - Delegation PolicyRe-Adopted May 2021 (Annual Meeting)

Cash Handling PolicyAdopted September 2017

Code of Conduct - Re-Adopted May 2021 (Annual Meeting)

Expenses Policy - Adopted June 2017

Publication / Freedom of Information Policy - Adopted February 2017, Revised May 2017

Complaints / Correspondence Policy
 - Adopted February 2017, Revised May 2017

Statement of Intent of Community Engagement Adopted September 2017

Dispensation PolicyAdopted September 2017

Data Protection Policy  -  Adopted November 2015 **

Disciplinary and Grievance Policy - Adopted September 2016

Health and Safety Policy - Adopted April 2017 

Equal Opportunities Policy - Adopted March 2017

Training, Development & Appraisal Policy - Adopted September 2017

Ethical (Standards) PolicyAdopted July 2019

Retention of Records Policy - Adopted September 2017

Press and Media Policy - Adopted September 2017

Website and Social Media Policy - Re-Adopted February 2019

Cemetery Policy - revised February 2021

Allotment Regulations and Policyrevised and adopted August 2019

Play and Recreation Policy - still under review by Policy and Personnel Comm. 

Grant Award and Application Policy - Revised and re-adopted June 2019

Gifts, Honours and Awards Policy - Adopted September 2017

** Changes to legislation (General Data Protection Regulations 2018) will affect this policy